Dual Lens Temperature Detection System

Athena's Dual Lens Temperature Detection System



Athena’s Dual Lens Temperature Detection System identifies elevated body temperature in a fast, frictionless, and contactless screening from 6-15 feet away. It’s a turnkey solution, and is highly accurate (+-0.2℃ accuracy) with the HSRP (Heat Source Reference Point/Blackbody) which is also included. The system can process the temperatures of over 2,000 people per hour and is able to send proactive alerts so you could be anywhere in the world and receive an alert in real time. Athena currently integrates with major VMS Office Management Software, and Access Control companies such as Envoy, Avigilon, Genetec, Milestone, and Salient. Furthermore, Athena exceeds the FDA’s guidelines of +-0.5℃ accuracy and also is NDAA compliant. Athena’s Dual Lens Temperature Detection System  provides fast, accurate mass screening (one at a time 6 feet apart but you do not have to stop) for elevated temperatures. The system is non-invasive, non-contact, and fast. The system identifies the face of the subject, ignores hot spots like hot lights above and other hot objects on the person like a cell phone or hot coffee. The person looks at the camera from 6 feet away, and the system finds the hottest point on the face near the eyes, called the inner canthus. Near the eyes is the area that most closely correlates with basal body temperature, so the subject needs to remove glasses and look at the camera. Athena is best utilized as the first of a two check point system, where fever is then confirmed by a second FDA approved medical thermometer.


Athena Dual Lens Temperature Detection System - Whats Included:

  • 384P IR Thermal Camera and Visual Camera
  • HSRP
  • iPad Pro 
  • AI Box 
  • Tripod (optional)
  • Caddie Buddy Bracket
  • Lightning-ethernet Adapter 
  • Surge Protector 
  • 1' Crossover Cable
  • Gimbal





Dual Lens Temperature Detection System



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